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Welcome to CleLog Management,

a full-service logistics provider specializing in white- glove shipping and delivery. We provide logistics solutions for high-end, luxury, specialty and expensive freight, taking additional precautions and maintaining extra attention to detail to ensure the optimal shipping experience for our clients.
CleLog Management puts its clients above all else, and treats each item we ship as if it’s our own, with the precision and care it deserves. At every stage of the logistics process, whether an overseas transport or a road delivery, CleLog Management will go above and beyond to ensure your shipment arrives in perfect condition.

Every item has a story. Trust CleLog Management with yours.

About Us


CleLog Management is a boutique logistics provider offering full-service solutions for the packaging, shipping and delivery of high-end and valuable items. CleLog Management was established in 2014, and has spent every year since catering to the precise needs of our ever-growing client base. Based in Belgium, we operate across Europe and Asia, working with private individuals and companies to ensure controlled shipments of sensitive goods. CleLog Management manages every logistics project from start to finish, providing comprehensive service that includes handling customs, insurance, regulations and of course the door-to-door delivery of your precious cargo. We serve as your singular contact point, answering any question, coordinating all elements of your shipment, and moving between all the logistics partners to ensure a seamless, secure delivery.

Our Team

CleLog Management is able to provide such dedicated service because of our tireless and diverse team of project managers, business development managers, customer liaisons, logistics consultants and other experts who, together, can address our clients’ every request and logistics need. In addition, CleLog Management works in cooperation with external consultants and partners in multiple logistics areas - customs agents, shipping companies, storage warehouses, packing companies, lawyers, insurance companies, freight forwarders, carriers and other relevant parties who can help us provide the most comprehensive service to our clients.

White-Glove Logistics

CleLog Management specializes in ‘white-glove’ logistics, which means we go above and beyond standard shipping services, especially during last-mile delivery. We ensure the secure transportation of your valuable cargo, and promise a complete, damage-free shipment for high-end and specialty goods. We promise a premium logistics experience. This doesn’t just mean we have the know-how and experience to manage the shipment of high-end goods, but also that we do so at the highest level of convenience and fulfilment. CleLog’s experience with white-glove logistics has solidified our expertise in handling shipments of specialty goods, including valuable, fragile and sensitive items. Some examples include furniture, artwork, expensive equipment, important inheritance bequests, large household appliances and other sensitive items. We also handle shipments for products that require special permits and regulations.

Our Promise

At CleLog Management, the client comes first. We treat each item, each shipment with the utmost care, caution and importance, as if it belonged to us. We do not measure our success in number of shipments or even speed, but rather through our customer satisfaction, putting personalized service and attention to detail above all else.


CleLog Management provides full-service logistics solutions, with a focus on specialized goods. Our services reflect the scope of our expertise, as we provide comprehensive traditional logistics services, combined with white-glove service and attention to detail.

CleLog Management offers project management for any type of freight or shipment option, including:

Air freight

Ocean freight (LCL & FCL)

Domestic transportation (LTL & FTL)

Warehousing and storage

Last-mile delivery

We will help you find and compare shipping rates, book the most appropriate forwarders and carriers and ensure your goods are in the best of hands at every stage. In addition, through each of these freight stages and methods, we offer additional services to cater to the needs of our clients and their particular cargo. We work individually with each client to best ascertain their specific needs and advise on the best way to handle their specific items. We then assign the relevant services and employees to see the shipment through to completion.

Some of our specialized services include:

  • Project planning
  • Customs clearance
  • Insurance brokerage
  • Site surveys
  • Site readiness
  • Customer coordination
  • Material protection
  • Packaging, packing and custom crating
  • Installation and/or assembly
  • Exceptions management
  • Damage guarantees
  • Detailed item inspection
  • Shipment tracking
  • Hand carry
  • Value added services

As we work on each project and understand the specific needs of our clients and their cargo, CleLog Management will continue to offer more suggestions and solutions to ensure the most comprehensive and seamlessly delivery of your treasured items.

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